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Translated poetry and prose of mine

Professional translations of poetry and prose

My poems in Anthology of Contemporary Bulgarian Poetry - The Season of Delicate Hunger - edited and translated by Katerina Stoykova-Klemer 

My poem in Teesta Rangeet - Poetry Journal, English translation

My poem in Revue Periodique sur la vie en Bulgarie, French translation


Excerpts from my novel "Hideaways" in English

My poems translated by my friends

I received a great gift for my thirtieth birthday. A collection of my poems translated into various languages. Some poems were translated by friends of mine. Others by their friends. It has translations in English, French, German, Spanish, Russian, Polish, Croatian, Macedonian, Turkish, Arabic. Here you will find links, leading to each translation as I upload them on my blog. I hope you like them.

Poetry in translation - English:
Leave a note to remind you

Poetry in translation - German:


Poetry in translation - Russian:


Poetry in translation - French:

Après l’adieu

Poetry in translation - Spanish:
No soy yo

Poetry in translation - Serbian:
Ruski rulet

Poetry in translation - Arabic:

هي لا تحب المواجهات

Poetry in translation - Turkish:

Her gün seni anlatiyorum

Poetry in translation - Macedonian:
По големите кревети разбира

Together - Pete Revonkorpi

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